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Every Girl Deserves To Be Fabulous Inc. is an organization aimed to inspire girls to mature into the fabulous woman that God created them to be.

About Us


Our mission

Every Girl Deserves To Be Fabulous, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization aimed to inspire girls between the ages of 13-18 to maintain a healthy self-image, make positive choices, strive for success, and to mature into the “fabulous” woman that God created each of them to be.

Our organization serves Philadelphia and the surrounding area.


Every Girl Deserves To Be Fabulous, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Ashley Jefferson, just two years after graduating from college. Ashley experienced first-hand issues of low self-esteem as a child. Growing up, she always wanted to see herself as beautiful but could never quite see past the qualities that made her feel a little less than average. These struggles led to several poor decisions during her teenage years and early adulthood - all in attempts to gain the confidence she was lacking.

Post-college and into her mid-20s, she began the process of healing form her past thanks to her faith in God and also sharing her story with others. It was through volunteering with young girls and seeing the similar hardships they face, that the idea came to her. She realized that no girl deserves to feel this way, no girl deserves to be treated below average - in fact, every girl is fabulous but sometimes they just need someone to remind them -and from that a non-profit was born.



Some of the activities and resources we offer include: 

  • Workshops on various topics

    • Self Esteem

    • Career Choice/Goal Setting

    • Dating/Relationships

    • Much more!

  • Free To Be Girls Chat

  • Mentoring

  • Community Partnerships

For more information on our activities or if interested in having us be apart of your event, contact us here.