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Choose Beautiful

Ashley Jefferson

Most people probably wouldn't describe themselves as average, but a few months ago Dove did a experiment, challenging how we actually choose to see ourselves.

The experiment was done in different cities across the world. In it, women both young and old, seem to be out for a day of shopping. Before they go into the mall, they are given a simple task - to open a door. The catch is, they have two options - one door has a sign that says "Beautiful" while the other has a sign that says "Average."

A lot of the people in the video are not sure what to think at first but they all end up making a choice. After they walk through, they are asked why they choose the door that they did.

Some did choose "Beautiful" but the fact that so many chose the "Average" door was surprising. Even more interesting were their answers for why....

Check it out:

Like many of the women in this video, what a lot of us fail to see is that no matter what you look like, what others say about you or even how you feel, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Yes sometimes it's hard for us to see it in ourselves but God made us and the fact is, even on our worst days, we can must not only choose beautiful, but embrace it and of course - never forget it.