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Ashley Jefferson

As females we are naturally emotional. We can cry, get angry, be over-dramatic and then be overjoyed - sometimes all in the same day. Emotions aren't a bad thing, after all it's one of the many things that make us human. But we have to remember not to let our emotions always guide our actions.

The world says to "follow your heart" but how often have your feelings led you to make a decision you later regretted? The Bible reminds us of that in Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

Our feelings waver, fluctuate, shift and change more than the weather. We weren't meant to let them be our primary source of direction - they are not stable enough. But God is constant, stable, unwavering and unchanging - and we can always depend on Him. 

Think about it, God has been there to wake us up, to protect us, and to bless us in so many ways - each and every day without fail. And yet we put more trust in ourselves and how we feel rather than in Him who already knows what's best.

Trust is hard for most people and that's probably because we've all had situations where our trust was broken. But we have to remember that God isn't the same as people. People fail us every day and we fail ourselves but God cannot fail, has never failed and will never fail. 

It may not be easy but no matter how we feel, it's always better to choose faith in God over our feelings.



Help Me! I'm Drowning

Ashley Jefferson

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do almost anything to have it?

Maybe you compromised yourself to get that guy to notice you...maybe you cheated on a test to get a passing grade...maybe you lied during an interview to get a job?

We've all had times where we were so focused on getting what we wanted that we let ourselves get lost in the process. We convince ourselves that since it's not bad to want a boyfriend, a good grade or a job that it's okay to go for it.

Yes it's okay to want these things but it's not okay when we are willing to get them - by ANY means necessary.

Proverbs 19:21 says, "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

Trying to get what we want - in our own way and without seeking God - leaves us feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Think about it - it's like we're drowning - drowning in the very thing we wanted to so much.

God loves us too much to let us drown in the very thing we thought was so good for us. Yes, at times He'll let us go into the water without a life jacket but just when we think we're in too deep, and the water starts to cover our heads, He's right there to rescue us before we drown.

I know what you're thinking...yes of course God could stop us from going into the water and getting in over our heads in the first place. However remember that God is our Heavenly Father and even our earthly parents known that sometimes the only way we learn is the hard way. 



Watch Your Mouth!

Ashley Jefferson

When was the last time you said something you wished you could take back?

Maybe your parents made you mad? Maybe you got caught in some drama between friends? Or maybe someone just looked at you the wrong way? (Ummm...I know I'm not the only one right?)

James 1:19-20 says "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires."

Notice it says we're supposed to listen first, then speak. That's probably the reason we have two ears and just one mouth. But how many of us have been guilty of getting it out of order (::raises hand::). It's usually because we get angry, our feelings get the best of us and that's when we end up saying something we regret.

We're emotional and there's nothing wrong with that. Having feelings are a good thing. But in that moment when we really want to tell somebody off, curse somebody out or even yell and scream, we need to stop and ask ourselves, "Is what I'm about to say gonna make this situation any better?"

Every time we say things from a place of anger, hate, jealousy and negativity, it always makes things worse. Instead we gotta take the time, even in the heat of the moment, to choose our words carefully. 

No, it's not easy, but yes it's worth it. Pray and ask God for guidance so that your words will help and not hurt.


Broken Into Beautiful

Ashley Jefferson

Mistakes - we all make them and we do it everyday. Maybe we've disappointed our parents, our friends, our boss - or worse we've disappointed God. The question isn't how many times we mess up but how often we think it's the end of the world, how often we let a mistake make us feel like a failure?

Psalm 139:16 tells us, "You're eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them."

What a wonderful picture - God forming each and every one of us uniquely and intricately. He knows us inside and out. That means think about this - before we were even born, God knew that we would mess up and drop the ball, yet He still chose to grace you and me with precious life.

Remember that nothing is too big or too small to stop Him from loving us. No matter what it is, we must genuinely come to Him in repentance and surrender all of our mess to Him. Mistakes, failures and all - He can use even the most broken life and turn it into something beautiful.



You're All I Need

Ashley Jefferson

Have you ever been in a place where everything in your life seems to be going wrong? You name it, it happened and all in the same week. And after everything that's happened, you feel like you have no one to talk to - your friends aren't answering your texts, your family is too busy and you can't seem to find anyone to talk to.

So what do you do in that place you're in? Often times these are the moments we call out to God, but it's usually as a last resort.

Psalm 73:25 says "Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You."

The moments in life that drive us to God are actually blessings in disguise. Life happens everyday and as much as we would like to, no matter how old we get, we will never have all the answers. It's in those moments when we genuinely say, "God you're all I have left," that we realize that God is all we ever need.